F.A.Q Psychotherapy

What can I expect during the first session ?

The first session or two are used for evaluation/assessment. This means that your psychologist takes the time to get to know you, the difficulties you are encountering, and the history of these difficulties in a lot of detail. You will be given the option to fill out certain questionnaires, depending on the reason for consultation, in advance of your initial appointment, which you can bring with you and give to your psychologist to speed things up. All this information is then used by your psychologist to help you set goals for therapy and to adapt an approach that is tailor made for you.

How long does therapy last ?

In general, our approach is relatively short term, so you should expect an average of 8 to 15 sessions, sometimes less, sometimes more. Of course, we work within your time frame and within your means. So if you can only come for four or five sessions, this is important to know up front in order for us to accommodate you and to help you stay focussed on one goal.

The estimate of how long therapy will take can depend on:

  1. The goals you have for therapy,
  2. The complexity of your situation and
  3. Your degree of motivation to incorporate the suggestions your therapist may give you.

For example, someone who has been suffering from anxiety and panic for many years may take longer in therapy than someone who has been anxious for only a couple of weeks or months. However, if the person who has been anxious for years is really motivated and is able to incorporate many of the suggestions outlined in therapy, they can recover more quickly than the person who has been anxious for a few short weeks, but unwilling or unable to change much of their thinking or behaviours. Goals for therapy can be simple, such as “learn tools to help alleviate my depression” or varied such as “learn tools to alleviate depression, learn better communication skills with my partner, decrease stress in my life, help with deciding to have children or not, etc…”. All these factors can impact the duration of therapy. 

How do I schedule an initial appointment ?

If you would like to set up a first appointment, visit our online booking platform


What is the cancelation policy ?

The full fee of the session will be charged if an appointment is not cancelled 24 hours in advance or if an appointment is missed/forgotten. To move or cancel an appointment, all client must communicate with their therapist directly.


F.A.Q. Specific to Video-Call Sessions

Software used for online psychology

Stay connected via Microsoft’s Skype-for-Business, a free and secure videoconferencing software provided courtesy of PsyVitalitï. If you choose to install the software on your mobile device, then sessions can be held from wherever you may be.

Microsoft’s Skype-for-Business allows two people to connect using video-calls. It also has the functionality of a whiteboard for sharing images or graphs. Further, document sharing is seamless and easy. All this functionality to facilitate collaboration and allow the helping relationship to be as therapeutic as can be!

Instructions relating to download and installation will be provided upon confirmation of your first appointment. Each session will be scheduled, with an agreed upon date and time set by you and your psychologist.

Operating Systems compatible with Microsoft’s Skype-for-Business

It is highly recommended that your device be compliant with one of the following:

  • iPhone or iPad with iOS 7.0 or above
  • Mac OS 10.6.0 or above (Intel processor)
  • Windows XP with Service pack (SP3)
  • Windows Vista with Service pack (SP2)
  • Windows 7 with Service pack 1 (SP1)
  • Windows 8 (Intel processor)

Microsoft’s Skype-for-Business also supports other browsers and/or operating systems. For more information, please visit Platforms supported by Microsoft’s Skype-for-Business.


Online consultations via webcam are conducted using Microsoft’s Skype-for-Business. This software will ensure a secure and confidential psychotherapy experience, due to enhanced encryption. Our team of psychologists has been trained to use the secure data storage mechanisms offered by Microsoft’s Skype-for-Business and are aware of the ethical and legal regulations associated with offering this type of service.

Support Team

Our tech support team of experts is here to offer guidance on any technical aspects. Our goal is to ensure that your online therapy sessions via webcam run smoothly.


Technical glitches have sometimes been brought up as potential disturbances associated with this technology. Often times, technological glitches are a result of the speed and quality of Internet connectivity, which is not due to our software. During therapy sessions, such interruptions can be distracting. We are aware that despite its numerous advantages, technology has its limitations. Our team of psychologists will consider the potential impact of such interruptions in order to determine whether this technology is best suited to their clients. During initial assessments, each psychologist will assess whether this type of therapeutic approach is beneficial for their client, taking various aspects into consideration.

Communication Is Key

Signal delays and video or audio lags can be disruptive when using video based communications tools. Improved Internet connection and practice help solve such obstacles. In light of this, technological glitches may result in a misconception that eye contact is not being maintained or avoided when this is not the case. Visual contact is a core component in communication and an important indicator in conversational mannerism such as turn-taking. Eye contact and developing a sense of comfort with one’s psychologist is of the utmost importance during therapy. Your wellness is priority to your psychologist. Please feel free to discuss with them if any such issues or related matters arise.

A Phone Call Away

In the event of a technological issue that cannot be resolved quickly, your psychologist will contact you by phone. Next steps will be discussed and the decision to continue the session by telephone or via online therapy at a later date will be agreed upon. A number at which you can reach your psychologist will also be provided.

Ethical And Legal Aspects

Each psychologist at PsyVitalitï Online Therapy and Coaching Services will provide online therapy services that conform to the ethical and legal aspects enforced by your local psychological legislative bodies.

In Case Of Emergency

If you need immediate assistance for a crisis, contact emergency services (911), go the nearest health care facility or call a Helpline in your area. A list of free and confidential mental health helplines available 24 hours a day 7 days a week are listed below:



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