PsyVitalitï's Therapist Match Guarantee 

At PsyVitalitï, we continuously strive to offer top-quality services. Our goal is to help our clients improve their well-being and reach their mental health goals. The last thing we want is to make the process of finding a therapist and seeking help a stressful or unpleasant experience. That is why we have implemented the Therapist Match Guarantee policy.

What is the Therapist Match Guarantee (TMG) ?

The Therapist Match Guarantee (TMG) policy was put in place to protect you. It ensures that you are paired with the best therapist for your individual needs. If you are a new client and you are not satisfied with the first session you received, we are proud to offer you a new session with a different therapist, free of charge. Alternatively, you can request a reimbursement of your fees.

How does the Therapist Match Guarantee work ?

  1. Following your first appointment, if you are unsatisfied, you have up to a week to reach out to our team and provide your feedback on your experience. You can contact us directly at
  2. Once feedback has been received and approved, you can inform us whether you are choosing to schedule an appointment with a new therapist for no charge or receive a reimbursement of the fees you paid for your first session.
  3. If you are choosing to rebook an appointment with a new therapist, you can book a new appointment using our online booking platform. Once the appointment has been booked, you must contact us at at least 48 hours before the newly scheduled appointment so the fees of the session can be changed to 0$ and the new therapist can be informed.

Things To Note:

The TMG policy is only applicable to new clients of the clinic

The guarantee is only valid for first appointments

The client must have attended a first appointment

Frequently Asked Questions About Therapist Match Guarantee

How long after my first appointment can I get a reimbursement or therapist switch at no cost?

You have up to one week following your initial appointment to request a reimbursement or therapist switch.

How long do I have to redeem my free session after TMG has been granted?

The free session is valid for a 3-month period following the initial appointment.

Why was the Therapist Match Guarantee created?

As an organization, this is a promise we are making to our clients to help them find the best therapist on their wellness journey. It is also a confidence endorsement that we stand behind our therapists and believe in the quality work that they do!