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In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) developments, we want to let you know we remain available to help and support you.

We offer you remote appointments by phone and online video.

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New! The Studentcare Psychology Network Plan now covers therapy offered by Clinical Psychology Interns and Master of Social Work Interns for select insurance plans. 

Student life isn’t always smooth sailing. Life demands a lot and so do studies. Mix in hobbies, friends, family and work and you have a potential recipe for challenging times ahead. For many students, these challenges sometimes require a helping hand to overcome.

Luckily, Studentcare Health Plan members now have access to therapy and coaching sessions. A therapist can help you navigate the ups and downs of student life with more calmness, motivation, confidence and happiness.

PsyVitalitï offers state of the art methods at preferential rates to Studentcare Health Plan members. We provide online video-call sessions via webcam (as well as face-to-face sessions in some cities), to facilitate even further the accessibility of our services and eliminate travel costs and time associated with commuting to an appointment.

Details about our exclusive offer to Studentcare Health Plan members:

  • Access to a PsyVitalitï therapists is offered via online video-call sessions by webcam in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Students can now stay ahead of the game by trying this new innovative service.
  • Discounted price for individual adult therapy and coaching. Please note that child, family and couple therapy are at our regular price.
  • In-person sessions are also available in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Red Deer and Montreal, with more cities being added shortly. Click here for office locations and addresses.

Visit to obtain information about your specific coverage or contact us 24/7 for more details.

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Remember that now more than ever, accessible and affordable help is only a click away. Therapy can change your life! To learn more about our services, click here.

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