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Edmonton Psychologists

PsyVitaliti’s Edmonton psychologists are all licensed members of the College of Psychologists of Alberta

Therapeutic Approach

All of our psychologists are specialized in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT is one of the most empirically proven approaches currently used in psychotherapy.

Stress Management

Acquire tools and strategies that will help you navigate stressful personal and professional situations. Learn how to overcome post traumatic stress with the help of a licensed psychologist.

Conquer Depression

Learn to control emotions, adopt a positive perspective and reduce negative thought patterns to help improve mood and overcome depression.

Free Self-Tests

Start your journey to your better self today – take our free anxiety and depression self-tests below.

Variety of Services

We understand that your time is precious and have adapted our services accordingly. PsyVitaliti offers the options of meeting with your psychologist in-person or via live online video therapy.

Relationship Issues

Your PsyVitaliti psychologist can help you navigate difficult times with your significant other or family member(s).

Depression Self-Test

Feeling down ? Take our 9 item questionnaire to help assess your depression severity

Anxiety Self-Test

Feeling anxious ? Take our 7 item questionnaire to help assess your anxiety severity

Our Services

A psychologist in Edmonton can help you with several therapeutic objectives such as stress management, anxiety reduction and emotional regulation.

Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are influenced by the paths we travel. A licensed psychologist can help you navigate through it all. If you find yourself seeking direction, we are here to help guide you towards brighter horizons.

Our Offices

PsyVitaliti Edmonton
In-person and online therapy
9557 76th Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6C 0K1
Phone: (780) 666-4776 ext 0
Toll Free: +1 844 337 2473 ext 0

Virtual Office | Live Online Video Therapy
Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: (780) 666-4776 ext 0
Toll Free: +1 844 337 2473 ext 0

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