March 26


Zestologï : The art of living life with energy, serenity and enthusiasm

March 26, 2015

PsyVitalitï is a psychology clinic that offers a wide range of psychological services with the ultimate aim of promoting wellness.

Enter Zestologï. Acting as a pseudonym for PsyVitalitï on social media platforms, Zestologï is a virtual daily dose of positivity and boost of energy.

Our mission is that every post and tweet that comes your way acts as a reminder that life if yours for the taking.

Our hope is to alleviate psychology from its negative taboos by presenting life through a positive lens as the perspective we take in life often defines who we are.

We hope you will join us in our journey of spreading positivity.

The PsyVitalitï Team

N-B: Your daily dose of positivity is only a few clicks away.

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