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Stress Reduction : how a psychologist can help.

A psychologist can help with stress reduction in 3 ways :

1.Facilitate stress prevention
Learn problem-solving techniques to improve communication, interpersonal and time-management skills. Your psychologist will offer concrete tools and strategies that will help you anticipate, control and resolve stressful situations.

2.Relaxation Techniques
Effective, easy to learn and master, relaxation techniques will help you reduce stress.

3. Helping you alter your inner dialogue
Whether it be unconsciously or not, we constantly partake in inner dialogue with ourselves : reflecting, commenting and drawing conclusions. At times, we are unecessarily negative or harsh with ourselves. It is then that self-thought becomes detrimental.

A trained psychologist can help you transform your inner dialogue. We are here to help.
Contact us for more information on our services. Our trained coordinators will guide you towards a psychologist to best suit your needs and offer additional information on our services.

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